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Empowering, Creating, Supporting and Championing, Gracia provides brighter solutions to impact people.



We recently won the Health and Wellbeing award at Fylde Sports Awards for the mental health and wellbeing work completed since 2017.



We are a dynamic and multifaceted creative organisation that is dedicated to driving positive solutions through Consultancy, Creativity, Education and Changemaking. 

At Gracia we believe that creativity and education are the keys to solving some of the world's most current challenges such as the mental health epidemic and communication skill decline caused by the technological revolution.

We offer a range of services and programmes that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients including keynotes, workshops and artistic programmes.

We work with top experts and organisations across a range of sectors to deliver our exemplary resources, programmes and services. 

We bring a unique perspective to the intersection of mental health education and performing arts.


Our team members have both personal and professional experience with arts and mental health challenges and we use this insight to inform our approach to our services.

Meet our Founder

Ella-Grace Gregoire is an award-winning female founder and actress who is the driving force behind the Performance and Mental Health Consultancy Gracia.



Our roots stem from our partnership with Streetwise community and EGG performing arts and wellbeing.

Because of this, our mission is to have a greater impact on the world. We believe in investing in people to make a change.

We focus on the positive change and results that our services create for your clients.


"Ella-Grace is a relatable practitioner to the young people she engages. She makes the activities exciting and takes the young people on a learning journey where over time you can see them grow in skills and confidence. Ella-Grace is adaptable to changes in groups and situations which meant that working with her was unproblematic as she doesn't have a one-size-fits-all all approach and that all the needs of the organisation and the individuals are considered. "

The Ministry of Defence

Ella-Grace led a brilliant session addressing Mental Health within the context of charities, offering valuable insights into self-support strategies within the movement building space. Drawing from authentic personal experiences, she seamlessly integrated practical tips to foster mindfulness. Ella-Grace's excellent presentation skills, marked by warmth and confidence, further enhanced the session. Additionally, she established a virtual platform for young activists, particularly for those in the northern regions, to collaborate on various opportunities. I’d highly recommend her sessions!

Rhia Danis UN Women Delegate for CSW67 

"Ella-Grace’s workshop was really insightful for me. She turned complex concepts into understandable analogies to make learning much easier for me. She also provided a range of tips for action the theory - I have now sorted out my social media habits and will start journaling as a New Years resolution! Would absolutely recommend attending this workshop"

Grace Cheyney - Mayors Office for Policing and Crime 

"Ella-Grace is always extremely well planned.She is punctual, often arriving well

before the session starts to set up her equipment. Her manner is delightful.

She is engaging and her sessions are full of activity and fun as well as

supporting our curriculum."

Liz Robinson Head of Treales school

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